Problem Solvers for 19 Years…

We originally formed Pacific Builders in 2000. At the time we were a Charlotte, NC based framing company, with a focus on larger, more complex structures. We loved the challenge that framing unique, complicated structures brought, but soon found ourselves expanding into remodeling of residential structures.

Remodeling Presented A New Challenge

With Remodeling, we discovered an entirely new way us to apply our precision and skills. Remodeling presented new challenges to us as well, since it was more improvisational than the framing we were used to, which tended to be more procedural. With Remodeling, we found ourselves forced  to change our approach to construction in order to meet the more technical challenges of manipulating existing structures. 

Expanding to Meet Client’s Needs

Eventually our quest for new challenges led to even more expansion for Pacific Builders. We expanded our skills into concrete form work and working with timber elements and eventually incorporated construction managment to become a full service, commercial and residential construction company. 

Thoughout all of our experiences we’ve developed a combination of proficiency of craft, creativity and the ability to implement solutions to complicated problems that is second to none. When you hire Pacific Builders you can rest assured that your project is in the hands of dedicated, experienced professionals.